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20 years of top-level Accounting & Tax Consultancy and Services in Lugano, Switzerland


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02 / Professionalism
03 / Confidentiality

Studio Fiduciario Pagani was founded in 2001 by Matteo Pagani as a natural continuation of the fiduciary activity started by his father Enrico Pagani in the '60s. In 2010, Giovanni Pagani, Matteo's brother, after a long career in international finance, joined the Firm to give a further boost to its development. 
Over the years, the original asset management and tax and corporate advisory business has expanded to include fund distribution, strategic real estate advisory and advice on risk management, strategic allocation and monitoring of complex assets. Even the corporate structure, initially concentrated in Studio Fiduciario Pagani SA in Lugano, is now articulated in a Group with various companies dedicated to specific fields of activity, based in Lugano, Locarno, Singapore and Taiwan.

This significant development of activities goes hand in hand with our mission to offer a highly professional, personalised and confidential service to our clients, individuals and families, as well as to institutions such as companies, foundations, trusts and pension funds.



20 years of competence building, high-level results delivering and full transparency & discretion. 

Tax Consultancy

We help our clients finding solutions on their tax doubts and needs. 

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Accounting Consultancy

We help our clients finding solutions to complex Accounting Problems. 

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Payroll Management

We can manage all the tasks related with Payrolls and Employees for you so that you can focus on your core business. 

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Studio Fiduciario Pagani SA is part of the Pagani Group, a Global Group focusing on Financial Services, Real Estate Investments and Tax & Accounting based in Lugano, Switzerland.  

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